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Hello, all. Welcome to the "official" Bum Bar Bastard Homepage. Accept NO imitations. We are the guys who used to call "Red" at the Tube Bar.

Above is an actual picture of Red, along side the Tube Bar sign.


Long before there were the Jerky Boys, or anyone else, we were making and RECORDING prank phone calls ,and if you lived in Jersey City or the surrounding area and were brave enough to pick up a phone in any of the smelly and noisy gin mills that existed every twenty feet,we probably prank called you!

Over the years, we have been immitated in one form or another, from "THE SIMPSONS", or blurbs on "MTV", to movies like "RED"..and "PORKY'S"..("Is MIKE HUNT there?") mentions and samplings on numerous rock and heavy metal albums. Most recently, our calls have been featured on "THE HOWARD STERN SHOW" on a regular basis.